Die Stiftung Stipendium Gerlacianum                    


Originalurkunde Gerlacianum Blechkiste

                                                                                                            In the Name of the Holy Trinity. Amen!

I, Sibrandus Gerlacianus Grymersummanus, announce, after deep thought while my lengthy and critical illness, that Man (as witnessed by writings and prophets) is only earth, dust and ashes, whose life is like a flower of the grasslands and fields, and afterwards nothing else to expect than death and the blessed resurrection by Jesus Christ, our only saviour who blesses to eternal life.
Expecting this in my illness, yet in a good and rational state of mind, my last will and testament in the rightful and best form it may, can or shall persist consistently, knowingly done and executed, by the virtue of this.
First of all, I order you, after the separation of my soul from my body (alike the merit, suffering, death and resurrection of our blessed Jesus Christ that have been commanded by the almighty father) to bury it honourably.
Thereafter, about the regulation and arrangement of my properties, I instruct, set and order my legitimate heirs, BENE IMEN, my blessed mother’s half-sister’s son, to my belongings but when the same Bene Ihmen were to die, SYDE, the older brother, shall be heir, also and in such extent, that my beloved brother JACOBUS GERLACHIUS shall inherit, have, keep and enjoy in his pleasure properties small and large, like me, the testator, inherited them of my father’s blessed relatives, my library and as well as armour, guns, clothing, jewels, silver und silver plates, as well as two silver goblets and what else belongs to my personal real estate.
Thirdly, I, testator, give Eggen Harmens five hundred Embdener Gulden, whereby three hundred are kept safe by Abbe Behrents and two hundred Gulden are stored at my brother’s.
Forthly, I give and bequest the poor of Christ especially in Wirdum a hundred Embden Gulden, the poor in Grimersum fifty Gulden and also in Embden the homeless beggars who obtain help by the Gasthaus church will receive fifty Gulden, all as written above to be paid in Embden currency, while calculated ten sheep are equiuvalent worth one Gulden.
But at last I order, set and will, knowingly in the virtue of this, from my father’s lineage of my blessed parents one or two students who fancy to study and are suitable shall and will obtain to study of the following bequests and properties, as I give eternally and hereditarily for the duty of their upkeep and subsistence from the following lands’ earnings, income and interest,
  1. Namely eleven grass lands near Wirdum, that Wills Bojen takes use of now,
  2. Also three and a half grass lands, that Haytet Benen uses by the way of lease,
  3. Also twelve grass lands that lie in the blessed father’s home in Grimersum, as well as the inheritance of the mother,
  4. Also nine grass lands near Fisquart, in avail of Egbert Staal,
  5. Also another nine grass lands near Fisquart, used by Ayße Appen,
  6. Also three grass lands near Fisquart, that are now used by Styke Onnen,
  7. Also another nine grass lands that lie outside of the blessed father’s home, of the 18 grass lands that my brother and I haven’t divided, but inherited together,
that shall also aforesaid heir BENE IMEN or his substitute from the house, lands and home that lie in Wirdum, yearly paid on Saint Micheal’s Day1 to the aforesaid students alimentation, 50 inferior Thaler, while every Thaler worth 15 sheep, and whereby one wants to buy the obligation to pay 50 Thaler yearly and free the homestead, the purchase shall be done with one thousand inferior that then shall be invested in certain profits from various branches, those 50 Thaler shall each and every year, as with the besaid lands yearly profits and benefits shall be given to one or two persons for their study and be invested.
And if no student from the house is found, it shall be given to a stranger that desires it to support his studies.
In the event that none of the aforementioned fatherly or motherly tribe or any qualified stranger neither exists nor wants to study, then I want and order that all benefits shall be invested and the benefits ought to increase, as long as a suitable person shall be found that fancies to study, that also both aforesaid houses have access at all times and the heir shall be the first, who uses the aforesaid scholarship for his studies. After completed studies, another or two others may receive the scholarship, and it is , in behalf of the testator, my earnest, plea and command, that my beloved brother Jacobus and Frederich Benen implement the aforesaid and distribute it, as well as they will overlook and protect it, after their death though two others of the eldest from the fatherly and motherly houses are to always and at all times pick the succeeding scholarship holders as curator or executor and concerning this my last will, to enforce and seriously guard the students‘ upkeep arrangement.
All this, as written above, is my last will, testament, final disposition and opinion, all of which I will hold permanent und unbreakable of the inheritors named above, their substitutes and heirs. And in the event though that my last will cannot persist for a formal ceremonial and decedent testament (pro Solemni et nuncopativo Testamento), so it nevertheless ought to, with the help of all religious and profane rights, even this county’s commendable bylaws and customs, as well as the codicils and customs in the case of death, to the strongest remain and last.
Certificate of truth, have I, testator, this, my testament and last will, along with the signatories solicited witnesses signed all with own hands and sealed.
Taken place in the city of Embden in the house of the honourable mayor LUPPE SICKEN in his southerly room on the 22nd day and month January after the beneficial birth of our saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ in the year sixteenhundred.

I, Sibrandus Gerlachius, acknowledge this as my testament. And last will to be.
This I have asked by the testator signed with my own hand and sealed with my signet. Stephanus Bacherus Mag. doctor.
1 a former traditional bank holiday, on which rent, lease and interest payments were made